What is the benefit of zinc in the body

Food rich in Zinc

What is the benefit of zinc in the body

What is zinc

Zinc is an important component of a healthy body. The body needs it in small quantities, and despite that, it has many benefits: It helps to enhance the activity of a large number of important enzymes in the body, and its deficiency may cause many health problems. This is because it is necessary to maintain the body’s immunity, and there are many nutrients rich in it, in addition to it is available in the form of a nutritional supplement.

Benefits of zinc

There are many benefits that zinc provides to the body: Regulating the immune system. Reducing the incidence of diarrhea. Influencing nerve cell communication, and thus it has an important role in education and memory strengthening. Cold treatment. Maintaining the integrity of the skin. Stimulate wound healing. Reducing the risk of developing age-related diseases. Promote fertility, and prevent infertility.

Foods rich in zinc

There are some foods that contain varying proportions of zinc, and we mention from these foods the following: Seafood, such as: fish, shellfish, and sardines. Wheat germ. Red meat, such as: liver, beef, and lamb. pumpkin seeds.

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