Vitamin B Complex for Hair

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Vitamin B Complex for Hair

What is Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is a group of vitamins, which is characterized by its solubility in water, and plays a very important role in cell metabolism, and it has many types represented by thiamine, vitamin niacin, vitamin pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin hydrochloride Pyridoxine, the riboflavin vitamin, the folic acid vitamin, the biotin vitamin, and this vitamin is taken from wheat skin, various seafood, eggs, meat, and dairy products such as cheese and milk.

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Benefits of Vitamin B Complex for Hair

The benefits of vitamin B complex for hair are that it maintains its health, makes it vital, also works to nourish the hair follicles from the inside, makes it thicker, treats its loss and fights baldness, and also accelerates the growth of new hair and works to lengthen it.

benefits of vitamin b complex for hair & the skin

Benefits of Vitamin B Complex for The Skin

Vitamin B complex has many benefits for the skin, which are it keeps the skin fresh, healthy and vibrant, increases its beauty and radiance, as well as works to treat wrinkles and combat early signs of aging, and makes the skin smooth and moist.

Benefits of Vitamin B Complex for The Body

It reduces the symptoms of attention deficit and focus, maintains the health of the skin, increases the cell pattern and its divisions, fights anemia, which is anemia, and gives the body energy and activity, excretes urine, and enhances the metabolism process, which is called the metabolism process, and maintains and treats nerve health, It also treats nerve tension, strengthens them and activates their functions, maintains and strengthens the body’s immunity.

what is vitamin b complex

Maintains the health of the digestive system, contributes to the production of red cells in the blood, protects the body from fatigue, exhaustion, and stress, as well as enters the synthesis of some enzymes inside the body, enhances mental abilities, and also protects against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and also enters into the formation of acid The special nuclear in humans, it regenerates skin cells and removes dead cells.

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